Artists Similar To The Red Hot Chili Peppers That Will Rock Your Sox Off

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Whether they were Knocking Coyotes Down in the 80s, Fornicating with Magik in the 90s, Dosing Snow in the 2000s, or showing Maggie some Dark Necessities in the 2010s, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are second to none. The made ALL of us feel like we were on the Otherside.

Here are a few artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers that will rekindle your love for sox.

1. Dreebsby

Singer. Songwriter. Multi-Instrumentalist. Producer. And self-proclaimed disciple of the Chili Peppers. New Singaporean artist Dreebsby blends Pop, Indie, Rock and Funk in a fresh way that's dangerously catchy, and full of sonic homages to Frusciate & Flea.

Just have a listen to Cigarettes With Wine, his monster single that made waves across the world of Spotify. It's just what we need. That groove. That bass line. That... trumpet?


2. The 1975

Yes. You read that right. You may not think it right away, but Matty Healy's crooning vocals over a smooth track like Sincerity Is Scary is an even smooth extrapolation something we could have expected from Stadium Arcadium which Flea might have taken creative control over with those smooth horns.

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